Coaching programme

25-50 teachers

Option prior to the workshop: e-learning course on the introduction/necessity/sensitisation of Vital Schools (less time spent sitting still and more exercise in the classroom context)

1 day of pedagogical study day:

Short theoretical framework 3 approaches: exercise-friendly classroom environment + snacks + active work methods (focus on the last approach)
(many) practical examples + identifying obstacles and success factors.
We end with a co-creation practical exercise: each duo (LO teacher + class teacher) develops its own practical example based on the step-by-step plan.
Teachers test and film their practice example in their class situation after the study day. Online feedback/support is provided after testing.

Half a day of pedagogical study day:

Sharing practical examples with each other + contextualising them in the manual (stumbling blocks and success factors)
Start of further implementation of Vital Schools in the school.

Attestation 'Vital Schools'-school and teacher.