Participation day


We will spend one full day working with different classes on the theme of movement. Many skills are addressed in an integrated way.

Integrated project primary education

In primary education, we spend a week working across several learning areas on the theme of sedentary behaviour and movement.

Integrated project secundary education

We work during 3 weeks on several field subjects around the theme of sedentary behaviour and movement.

Parent participation


During a project week, several persons from the environment of the pupil are involved, namely the parents, peers and teachers.

Participation council

Organize pupil participation councils on a regular basis and find out what the pupils think about more physical activity at your school. The pupils have clear opinions and good ideas about this topic as well.

Organize these deliberations in a movement-friendly way and use active work formats. 

Education course

Inform your pupils of your movement policy. Inform them about the necessity of moving. See here how they did it in the Bredene Middenschool.

Would you like to follow a training or coaching programme tailored to your class or school?

Education & inspiration
vital schools; beweegvriendelijk lesgeven; beweegvriendelijke school