Survival kit for movement breaks

Introducing a movement break can be easy, provided it is well prepared.

Follow our checklist.

Practice your movement break in advance so that your instruction is short and clear and make sure that it is directly linked to a demonstration.

Make good arrangements at the start of the session! Agree on a start and stop signal & what to do when the movement break is over. After the movement break, we obviously again want the full attention of the class.

Have you properly estimated how your class will react to the movement break?

It surely is a good idea to get the students involved! They can prepare something themselves, which will increase their motivation.

Remember to include sufficient variation in the movement breaks. 


Watch the video carefully.

Take the checklist below and tick off the aspects that you think are present and those that are missing. 

Would you do this snack or not? Why would you?

What tips do you draw from the checklist to get started?


Active breaks during online teaching

Active breaks during online meetings

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